The Illuminated Life

“I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense of the sublime.”  ~William Wordsworth


Opening to the inner resources of knowledge and wisdom which are available to each of us is one of this lifetime’s most exciting journeys.  We may refer to this process as getting in touch with our Higher Self, awakening our intuition, or developing our extrasensory or psychic abilities.

Whatever we call it... will respond in subtle and sublime ways.  Often, we will experience a physical sensation of “knowing” that something is “right.”  Perhaps we’ll get a picture or visual information of a scene yet to be played out – or that still, small voice within will whisper a word or phrase of instruction just when we need it most.


The most important aspect of this process is learning to trust ourselves as a truly reliable source.  After all, we are part of a Universal Mind which carries all knowledge and all knowing.  It’s really just a matter of asking for the information we seek and being patient and non-judgmental in receiving it.


If we tend to censor our own intuitive process, we block the channels of communication with our intuitive process. We must learn to discriminate between the parental and often negative chattering of our ego-voice, which will limit our opportunities and instill fear and worry.


Instead, listen for the more loving, comforting presence within which promotes trust and well-being.  That is the voice from deep within which will open unlimited possibilities and understanding.  You can practice tapping into this great inner source by, literally, asking questions – out loud or in writing – silently or with friends.


And, it has very practical applications . . . Whenever I’m driving and think I’ve lost my way, I say something like, “okay, where is the freeway exit I need?” – or some specific request like that and, invariably, the next highway sign will provide the answer!


No matter what you seek, no matter what you ask, you will receive – to the extent that you are willing to be open and accept the response. 


So, let The Illuminated Life Program become your field, upon which to play – with a light heart and an open mind and connect you with the universal knowing that we all possess but few are able to access!


Incorporating the ideas of physicians, psychologists, sound theorists and engineers, BrainStream represents the most comprehensive combination of auditory and visualization techniques ever developed to reach deep into the inner mind and anchor new learning.

BrainStream merges the energy of sound with powerful affirmations and guided visualizations to open new neural pathways for positive thought patterns. As new ways of thinking are imprinted deep in your unconscious mind, you automatically let go of the unresolved mental and emotional baggage which has limited your ability to change in the past.

BrainStream programs are powered by a collection of our most powerful transformational technologies. Although each one is very different than the others, each was created to have maximum impact on the brain – mind in initiating rapid change.

In a sense, each BrainStream program is a toolkit from which you select a single track or group of tracks that fit your goals for a particular listening session. Each track features a different modality – subliminal affirmations, BrainSpeak sound patterns, audible affirmations, guided imagery, Tomatis-inspired sounds, or a combination of two or more.

  • Eight Audio Tracks

    Eight downloadable tracks in MP3, AAC, and FLAC (High Def) formats to play on your phone, computer or stereo.

  • Detailed Instructions

    Although the program is easy to use, we have included detailed instructions and "best practices."

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    All tracks and accompanying material are available in your personal member's area. Program updates will be posted here as well.

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    Got a question or access problem? We're here to get you back on track and making powerful progress!

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