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  • Increase memory, concentration and focus so you learn, remember, and apply important information faster spending less time on reviewing and relearning material.

  • Eliminate your self-sabotaging mind-scripts and easily correct the hidden negative beliefs that stop you from developing your amazing memory and focus. That means so you can short-circuit your training time to reach your memory improvement goals faster and far more easily.

  • Become a true accelerated learning master via ten powerful audio tracks that you can experience at home, at the office, while studying, and even commuting meaning nothing can stand in the way of becoming the smartest person in the room.

Hundreds of corporate executives, hospitals and health care professionals, and brain/mind explorers of all ages have used BMEI to expand and enhance their mental skills and productivity.

You already know that one of the foundational keys to success in any field of endeavor is possessing a well-trained mind. The ability to focus on what is important, concentrate your mental energy, and remember and apply what you have learned and experienced is vital to your standing in any professional, educational, or financial pursuit. In short, a sloppy mind results in missed opportunities and a mediocre life in general.

BMEI was the first accelerated learning program offered to the general public by neuroscientist John-David. He specifically created it to increase mental skills such as focus and recall after working with soldiers and individuals recovering from debilitating head and brain injuries.

Newly re-mastered, it is still the most powerful tool for brain/mind stimulation ever created for the general public and has been used successfully by students as well as business professionals to enhance their mental abilities.

Who Is This Program For?

Business and Academic  Professionals

The ability to absorb and process new information is the key to success. Assimilate and recall new data, ideas, and experiences quickly to stay competitive.

Students and Exam Participants

Got a heavy class load? Working on an advanced degree or professional certification? Let BMEI's accelerated learning technology help you succeed.

Seniors and Rehab Patients

Our ability to learn and recall information naturally changes as we age. Let BMEI help you regain your cognitive edge regardless of the cause of decline.

This powerful program has been recorded with four “Active Listening” and four “Passive Listening” tracks.

Active Listening: Audible, guided visualizations plus inaudible, subliminal affirmations, tones, and frequencies – to be used with headphones, in order to maximize the psycho-acoustical effect of the sound vibrations.

Passive Listening: Inaudible, subliminal affirmations scripted and recorded within a layer of selected natural tones and frequencies, embedded in easy-listening music for use at home, school or office, as background stimulation and support.

See what some of our customers have to say:

I am having GREAT results with BMEI! My memory is vivid and I feel great. Thank you!

Glen R.

Los Angeles, CA

Within two weeks, I was scanning aircraft instrument panels in a vastly superior way.

Don W.

Airline Pilot, Chicago, IL

Using BMEI, I scored 98% [on a professional certification exam]. A national high on my very first try!

Alan S.

Dentist, San Bernardino, CA

Results reported above are unsolicited and may not be indicative of average outcomes. As with all personal development programs, your results will be unique to you.

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