Used successfully by schools, homeschoolers, students and businesses!

What If Sounds In Your Learning Environment Actually Helped You To Learn Faster and Retain More?


EnvironMENTAL Learning

Create the Perfect Audio Environment for ACCELERATED LEARNING!


Use EnvironMENTAL Learning while studying, reading, teaching, conducting meetings, or working at your computer. You can even listen while sleeping or after attending evening classes or meetings to enhance retention of information.

It's no secret...


...that a supportive learning environment, devoid of distractions is key to learning and retaining new information. But, as much attention as we pay to the chair, the desk, the lighting and the lack of distractions, we most often fail to attend to our "mental environment."


The perfect mental environment is one that simply promotes the optimal brain-state that improves concentration, focus, retention and the supporting beliefs that allow for easy learning and application of new material. If the mental environment isn't right, then the chair, desk, lighting and any other feature of the classroom (including the teacher) makes little difference.


Innovative educator and accelerated learning genius John-David designed this amazingly effective audio program to help boost comprehension, retention and bust through the negative beliefs that can stop efficient learning cold.



Use EnvironMENTAL Learning™ while...

Studying, reading, teaching, conducting meetings, or working at your computer. You can even listen while sleeping or after attending classes or meetings to enhance retention of information.

Stop The 'Noise...'

Students working in their study environment find that EnvironMental Learning tracks are perfect for countering the negative influences of everyday “noise” in the form of violent video games, mindless TV, harsh music and other negative or over-stimulating environmental messages.

In Any Environment!

No matter what environment in which you choose to learn, these audio tracks will provide maximum support for effectively and easily receiving and retaining information while boosting self-esteem and removing negative beliefs about your ability to learn quickly and easily.

Accelerate Learning

Instructions and affirmations were all written and recorded by John-David.


Carefully researched music formats and rhythms create the perfect background for accelerating the learning process.

Here's Why

It Works!

Each of the 6 downloadable tracks contain "super learning" music selections and nature sounds with silent positive messages, just below the threshold of hearing that address important learning issues for children and adults: focus, memory, concentration, and the elimination of belief systems that may prevent effortless learning.


Play in the background through speakers during lessons or headphones while studying.


This program has been used successfully by schools, e-learners, homeschoolers, students of all types (great for college students!) and businesses for groups as well as individuals.


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