Pathways to Health

    These titles focus on the mind-body connection and stimulate brainwave patterns which may impact healing.


    Powerful affirmations embedded in the subliminal tracks work with the brain/mind to release negative beliefs and obstacles to good health and replace them with positive, life-enhancing messages.


    (They are not to be used as a medical treatment or as a substitute for the advice of health care professionals.)

    Each Title Is Only $49.95


    BrainSpeak Pathways is our latest creation derived from over 50-years of experience in the science of personal development!



    To support good health and a balanced, healthful lifestyle.

    Visualize Your Good Health

    Imagine your mind and body in perfect harmony and good health. Tap into your inner resources for healing.  Develop healthy habits and positive behaviors that support your fitness and well-being.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I enjoy perfect health.  Unlimited good health is mine.  I am alert, alive, and filled with the energy of perfect health.  I experience peak performance in my mind and my body. My mind, body, and spirit are in perfect balance.

    Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

    Lessen the impact of the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.  Create a nurturing mind-body connection to support positive patterns for reduced stress and discomfort.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I experience harmony and good health.  I release cravings.  I release irritations.  My brain perfectly balances my hormone levels throughout each month.  My body nurtures and supports me.

    Pre-Natal Nurturing

    A pre-natal primer for mother and child to promote maximum health, mental awareness, and emotional balance.  Use before conception and during pregnancy to nurture a positive approach to parenting (for both fathers and mothers).  Supports an enhanced pre-birth experience for both parents and child.


    Sample Interactive AffirmationsI am healthy.  I am happy. I feel the movement of new life within me.  I support this new life by developing my mind and nurturing my body. I claim the highest good for myself and my child in mind, body, and spirit.

    PNI: Strengthen Your Mind/Body Connection

    Activate your nervous and immune systems with positive thoughts and healthful habits. Regain balance and let go of emotional issues that may manifest in the body as ‘dis-ease’   Maximize good health and healing, by stimulating your mind-body connection - the study of which is known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  My immune system is powerful.  I am alive and well, today and always.  I experience perfect wholeness and health.  I am restored. I am grateful.

    Release Your Addictions

    Use these powerful affirmations to help you let go of addictive behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, smoking, and abusive relationships.  Overcome obstacles to positive changes in your lifestyle and your state of mind.  Release negative beliefs about yourself and others that prevent you from achieving balance and good health.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I am honest.  I nurture and care for my Self.  I accept and love myself.  I choose to be free and vibrantly alive.  I am transformed by letting go.  I make wise choices.  I release fear and insecurity.  I release old beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.

    Relax & Reduce Stress

    Reduce your body’s negative responses to stressful situations – such as headaches, stomach aches, and irritability. Induce your own alpha brainwave state during periods of high emotional or physical intensity. Maintain a relaxed, stress free state of mind while multi-tasking or working through personal issues.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I am calm and relaxed.  I can do all that I do with ease and comfort.  I experience relaxation, calmness and harmony in all aspects of my life.  I use energy as a positive force.  I am stress free.

    Increase Your Energy & Vitality

    Tap into your body’s own energy resources and experience peak performance –whether tackling a work project or a physical workout.  Shift your mental energy, physical productivity, and emotional moods to feel more alert and alive.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I am vibrantly alive.  I am confident and successful in all that I do.  My vitality inspires and serves myself and others.  I am active and alert in mind and body.

    Weigh Less: A Mental Diet For Healthy Living

    Support your own healthful eating habits, beliefs, and behaviors.  Create new mental and physical habits to sustain a healthy body image.  Lose the mental “weights” that can prevent you from achieving your goals. 


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I achieve my perfect weight for a healthy mind and body.  I enjoy drinking water.  I eat and drink mindfully.  I let go of fear and guilt. I am patient.  I balance my life and my diet.  I am strong, healthy, happy, and physically fit.

    Written, recorded, and produced by Deborah DeBerry ℗ © 2018. Recorded, mastered and co-produced by Cary Beare @ Hermit Studios, Los Angeles 2018. Original sound pattern engineering by Deborah DeBerry and William Aura. Graphic Design by Anna @ Cambiastic Design 2018. Distributed exclusively by the Whole Brain Learning Institute/www.brainspeak.com