Pathways To Joy

    Created to support the discovery, practice and joy of the human experience on a higher level, these titles speak to the process of transformation -  as it unfolds in our individual lives.


    The affirmations offer guidance and encourage receptivity to a spiritual journey of love, peace, self- knowledge and sacred unity. They are all useful tools for contemplation and meditation.

    Each Title Is Only $49.95


    BrainSpeak Pathways is the latest creation derived from our over 50-years of experience in the science of personal development!




    Love & Connection

    Allow the possibility of unconditional love – for yourself and others - to manifest in your life.  Refresh and renew your relationships.  Touch others through compassion and kindness. Enliven your loving relationships through understanding and clear communication.  Connect with your inner self, with the planet, and with all beings.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  The universe and all creation support and sustain me with love.  I am connected with the joy of living.   I experience the essence of love and unity with all things.  Love is unconditional.  I am love.

    Honor Your Dreams

    Open your awareness to creativity, guidance, and problem solving by honoring the messages of your dreams.  Your inner dreamwork can lead you to new levels of clarity – and support you in achieving your goals.  Your dreams can provide insight into the lessons awaiting you in this life – and connect you with a higher vision of Being.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I believe in the positive power of my subconscious mind.  I am balanced and healed through my dreamwork.  I know the unlimited potential of my mind through dreaming.  I see clearly the messages of my dreams.  I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful.

    Accept Enlightenment

    Invite your Higher Self to prepare and lead your heart and brain/mind to an awareness of your highest purpose. Take the next step in your spiritual journey.  Ask and receive in a way that serves your highest good and supports others. Allow yourself to be nourished by the Universe, to be filled with light, to be filled with love, to receive grace and enlightenment.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I am enlightened and transformed in mind, body, and spirit.  I am an open channel for light and love.  I claim my highest path of enlightenment now.  I give and receive love.  I am nourished by trust, faith, and love.

    Embrace Forgiveness

    Release, on the deepest levels, your regrets, mistakes, hurts, and anger - or perceptions of these that may be keeping you from your greatest joy and getting in the way of achieving your heart’s desires.  Let go of old beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.  Transform your heart and mind through forgiving yourself, as well as others.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I surrender to forgiveness.  As I forgive, I am forgiven. I practice the presence of forgiveness every moment, every day.  I accept the gifts of forgiveness in my life.  I let go of mistakes, real or imagined. I give again.

    Know Your Higher Self

    Nurture your inner Self for balance, purpose, clarity, and vision. Touch the deepest part of your being and listen to its song.  Accept the love and guidance offered by this knowing part of you, the essence of who you are, as manifested through your prayers, thoughts and actions.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I allow the wisdom and love of my Higher Self to guide and nurture me.  I am guided to my heart’s desire by my Higher Self. I claim the blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth that are already mine. I am worthy of my highest good.

    Be Still & Meditate

    Still your mind, calm your body, and renew your spirit through meditative states – whether by watching a sunset or contemplating the universe in a flower or bird’s song.  Experience calm in a busy world by becoming aware of your breath – and letting your thoughts drift away. Relax and enjoy moments of calmness and wonder.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  My life flows like a river, in harmony and joy.  I enjoy my quiet time.  Meditation comes easily and effortlessly for me. I meditate with calmness and clarity. I listen to the still, small voice within. 

    Practice Serenity

    Experience deep peace, balance your energy, and reduce mental stress.  Allow yourself to just “be”, to let go of cares, and to focus on a higher level of wisdom and meaning in your life.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I am a spiritual being, serene and centered.  My spirit soars in Light and peace.  My body is calm.  My mind is open and still.  I have all that I need within.  I transform my life and my mind with the calmness and joy of Being.

    Enjoy Sex & Intimacy

    Enhance your self-image and experience new levels of your sacred sexuality.  Open your heart and all of your senses to the joy of physical intimacy.  Be transformed through love and loving, giving and receiving, touching and being touched.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I accept my sexual self as a positive part of who I am.  I achieve intimacy and pleasure with my loving partner. I am uplifted by the power of joyful sex.   I share my sexual self with a loving partner of my choice.

    Trust Your "Self"

    Allow faith and love to replace fear and doubt. Accept new experiences with confidence and calmness.  Trust the knowingness of your mind, body, and spirit to provide guidance and vision on your journey.  Receive your highest good, today.


    Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I love new experiences.  I expand my comfort zones.  I trust my Self.  I am worthy of trust.  I live in trust and wholeness of being.  I trust what is true.  I know what is true.  I trust.  I allow.  I accept.  I strengthen my mind, my body, and my spirit by practicing trust. 

    Written, recorded, and produced by Deborah DeBerry ℗ © 2018. Recorded, mastered and co-produced by Cary Beare @ Hermit Studios, Los Angeles 2018. Original sound pattern engineering by Deborah DeBerry and William Aura. Graphic Design by Anna @ Cambiastic Design 2018. Distributed exclusively by the Whole Brain Learning Institute/ .