Pathways to Mind

The titles in this category are designed to enhance and expand the unlimited potential of your brain/mind. 


They feature specific aspects and tools for accelerating learning, using a whole brain approach to balance both right and left hemispheres of the brain and create new mental pathways.

Each Title Is Only $49.95


BrainSpeak Pathways is the latest creation derived from our over 50-years of experience in the science of personal development!




Find Clarity & Focus

Enhance your ability to concentrate, achieve clarity, and be purposeful in thought, word, and action.  Use improved mental focus to set and achieve goals – to think, study, and communicate more effectively. Good for problem solving and learning to consciously focus the mind’s energy.


Sample Interactive AffirmationsI focus my mind and energy with ease.  I concentrate effortlessly.  I am aware and productive. I am stress-free and focused on achieving my life goals.  I see clearly.

Access Your Intuition

Access your often ignored, yet powerful brain/mind resource of intuition.  Experience a whole brain “knowing” that goes beyond the logical left brain and allows your right hemisphere to serve you as a tool for identifying and solving problems, making decisions, improving relationships, and seeing “the big picture”.


Sample Interactive AffirmationsI am an intuitive, creative being.  All of my senses support my intuitive self.  I allow my intuition to guide me. I am focused, creative, and intuitive.

Discover Your Creative Self

Open new pathways for creative thoughts and actions. Tap into higher levels of expression and expand your mental resources. Good brain aerobics for predominantly logical, left brain thinkers by stimulating the right brain, providing easier access to creativity and imagination.


Sample Interactive Affirmations: I am creative in all aspects of my life. I enjoy new experiences.  Being creative is fun. Creativity flows to and through me.

Anchor Your Knowledge

Develop a foundation of confidence and knowledge that creates breakthroughs in brain/mind expansion.  Accept the possibility of quick and effortless learning.  Stimulate the mind to access information and attain wisdom through knowledge.


Sample Interactive Affirmations:    I know what I know.  I love knowledge and learning. I remember what I learn.  I learn by listening, seeing, feeling, and doing. I learn with my whole brain.  I know.  I understand.

Tune -Up Your Memory

Increase your ability to anchor short and long term memories.  Retain important events, facts, figures, and faces.  Relax and remember all you need to know.  Let both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your mind work for you to improve retention of information – at work, at school, or at home.


Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I concentrate and recall with ease.  I am a master of memory and recall.  I experience memory and recall in new and creative ways. I choose to recall and remember in a conscious way.  I learn easily.  I listen intently.

Recharge Your Mind

Renew and energize the mind for increased mental activities like studying, problem solving, resolving conflicts.  Use to refresh the brain/mind before or after starting a project like writing a paper, organizing your taxes, or planning a dinner party.


Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I recharge my mind, body, and spirit.  I am rested and recharged. I see myself completing many tasks, stress-free, effortlessly.  I recharge my communication with clarity and skill.  My energy is alive and alert.

Create Peace on Earth

Increase your own and other’s awareness of what it takes to make peace, not war.  Contribute to the global consciousness of peace by developing your tools of compassion, love, and kindness.  Become your vision of world peace.  Harmonize your mind and your life by taking your thoughts and actions to a higher level.


Sample Interactive AffirmationsPeace begins with me. I am nurtured by a peaceful world.  I am compassionate and understanding.  I accept peace and prosperity for all.  I am refreshed, alive, and at peace.

End Self-Sabotage

Let go of obstacles that prevent you from achieving your dreams.  Eliminate self-sabotage and experience positive energy and achievement.  Release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.  Experience life from a new, more confident perspective.


Sample Interactive Affirmations: I am intelligent, talented, and intuitive. I release fear.  I change my life by changing my thoughtsThe power of my mind is unlimited.  I believe in myself.  I am capable and confident.

Believe In Your Success

Activate the state of mind in which goals can be set and confidently achieved. Good mental support for any endeavor – from creating personal prosperity to effective team building.  Especially powerful when used in combination with other issue related subliminal titles such as End Self-Sabotage, Weigh Less, Trust Yourself.


Sample Interactive Affirmations:  I succeed at all levels of my being.  I allow myself to be successful.  My success benefits others.  My life is balanced and enhanced by my success.

Written, recorded, and produced by Deborah DeBerry ℗ © 2018. Recorded, mastered and co-produced by Cary Beare @ Hermit Studios, Los Angeles 2018. Original sound pattern engineering by Deborah DeBerry and William Aura. Graphic Design by Anna @ Cambiastic Design 2018. Distributed exclusively by the Whole Brain Learning Institute/