BrainSpeak® Pathways.

Our NEW Pathways series combines the latest neuro-tech with professionally scripted and produced positive subliminal affirmations designed to help you tackle the really tough issues that may be holding you back from the life you deserve!

No Matter Where You're Headed, Our Exciting New Audio Series Will

Show You The Way!

Over two dozen  issue-specific titles to enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being 

With 3 categories and more than two dozen issue-specific titles, each 2-track Pathways program can guide you through a journey of your choice. Pathways helps you re-educate your subconscious mind to make the mental changes necessary to create your life as you want it to be.


Experience Our New Interactive Affirmations Format

Super-Charge Your Results with Interactive Affirmations!

Each BrainSpeak® PATHWAYS program consists of 2 tracks:

  • Track #1 has inaudible positive affirmations embedded in an audible BrainSpeak sound pattern multi-layered track. (Average time is 20-minutes)
  • Track #2 consists of an audible sample of the subliminal messages embedded in Track #1 – chosen to support brain/mind re-education, specific to each title – delivered on separate channels to maximize the right and left brain integration of the messages (Average time is 10 minutes).

Track #2 is our NEW Interactive Affirmations format, that encourages the listener to engage in any or all of the following options, when prompted by the quiet space between the recorded affirmations:

  • To repeat the recorded affirmation aloud
  • To repeat the recorded affirmation, silently
  • To create your own new affirmation
  • To take no action, but allow the recorded affirmation to resonate in your consciousness

Isn't it Time...

Isn’t it time to let go of old, negative beliefs and replace them

with positive images, healing thoughts, and successful problem solving?


BrainSpeak® Pathways is Here to Guide You Now!


If you have experienced our BrainSpeak audio programs, you already know the power of its pure, natural, and organic sound patterns – how they stimulate your unconscious mind and help you bring into your awareness issues to explore and resolve.  If you are a new customer, you are in for an exceptional experience!


For over 30-years, BrainSpeak sound technologies have helped thousands of individuals of all ages and backgrounds create positive results in their lives.


Inspired by the research, teachings, and neuroscientific principles of the late John-David and other pioneers in the field of brain/mind re-education - such as Robert Monroe, Louise Hay, and Alfred Tomatis -  the BrainSpeak Team has taken our life changing BrainSpeak program to even higher levels by combined our BrainSpeak tones and frequencies with positive subliminal messages to create a breakthrough new series.

Here's What You Get With Each Title...

  • Our Proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Pattern Technology

    Our powerful BrainSpeak® sound pattern technology is built around the proprietary brain & mind enhancing natural, organic sound patterns developed by the late John-David. Also known as “psycho-acoustics,” BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is the single most effective way to balance and enhance brain function. So, not only do the sound patterns balance but they stimulate specific regions of the brain that facilitate rapid learning and behavior change.

  • Professionally Scripted and Produced BrainSpeak Subliminal Affirmations

    Not all affirmations are equal! In fact, most affirmation scripts are written in ways that offer little to no help in reaching the listener's goals. We use a special combination of Neurolinguistic and Ericksonian hypnotic languaging and male and female voices to create positive affirmations that not only penetrate the subconscious but impact behavior. Gentle and positive but powerful!

  • Super-Charge Your Results with The All-New Interactive Voice Track

    The all-new interactive voice track consists of an audible sample of the subliminal messages embedded in the sound pattern track – chosen to support brain/mind re-education, specific to each title – that encourages the listener to actively engage in when prompted by the quiet space between the recorded affirmations.

Choose Your Path!

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    We wanted to make sure that our Pathways tracks were affordable to everyone and at only $49.95 we think we succeeded! 


    We're so sure that BrainSpeak Pathways will work for you that we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Love it or we'll refund every cent!

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